Ekin Akalın is an art historian, curator and the founder of Konvex. She lives  in Paris, and goes back and forth to Geneva for her PhD project. She had a BA and MA degrees from the University of Sorbonne. Her master thesis supervised by Prof. Barrucand and Prof. Van Staevel and supported by Suna&Kıraç Institute was the firts step of a scholarly questioning on the ineraction between arts of East and West.  

Dedicaed to enlarge social boundaries of art, she initiated her career with a transdicplinery detour. She had an ICOM. She worked in press (RH+ART, NTV History, P Art and Culture). 

She coordinated the exhibition "20 Modern Artists of 20th century" help in santralistanbul in 2013. Her various experience brought her into her last position as museum curator in VKV SHM Art and History Museum. Her cooperation with young artists begun during the Gezi uprising in 2013 after which she  contributed several  movements on arts and curated Nurçehre Elver's photography exhibition.

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